About Us

As a Veteran-Owned Small Business, we salute those brave men and women who have served and are serving our country.  Thank you for your dedicated service!

Enterprise Security Partners (ESP) understands there is no “one size-fits all” approach to Information Security. Every organization has different priorities, applications and technology platforms that must be defended against cyber threats and attacks from the internet, intranets, extranets, and social engineers. A sound Information Security program is the only way to protect your information assets while allowing your business to continue to flourish.

ESP has developed an Enterprise Security Practice that is client specific and is staffed by highly skilled professionals with audit, technical and cyber-security expertise and backgrounds.

IT Security Audits and Vulnerability Assessments
We audit the effectiveness of the security measures and technology employed by the enterprise to assess compliance with regulatory, industry best practices and ISO 17799 / 27001 standards. We identify and report the threats and vulnerabilities that may pose a risk to your information assets with our recommendations for remedial action.

Network Penetration Testing and Virus Prevention
We help our clients harden their network arteries by implementing network access controls, firewalls, router filters, and virus prevention and detection software services. Our security experts use automated tools that scan a predetermined range of IP addresses and perform over 400 tests aimed at identifying known vulnerabilities in UNIX, Linux, Windows 2000 (7 and 8 and Vista) and TCP/IP based network systems.

Intrusion Detection and Monitoring
ESP Security professionals will perform both manual (e.g., default or trivial passwords) and automated (e.g., brute force password) attacks to gain access to client systems. We will help select and implement IDS/IPS systems, complete with real-time monitoring and 24/7 incident response and reporting, from a variety of network penetration test and scanning tools, Retina scanner; metasploit, nMap, and OWASP ZAP.

Physical Security Assessment Audits Enterprise Security Partners believes in building ‘Risk Preemption’ into our clients Security Strategy to proactively defend your employees, customers, resources and assets against all threats to your organization; whether from the internet, malware, denial of service attacks, natural disaster or criminal activity. ESP identifies gaps with physical security audits and risk assessments, similar to those used for Information Security Reviews.“Hope for the Best; Prepare for the Worst”

 Security Awareness Training
Security awareness is ongoing and must involve people who are properly motivated and educated.Security awareness training works best when it reaches everyone within the organization. ESP has designed SAFE (Security Awareness For Everyone), a corporate security training program which focuses on increasing awareness and understanding of security threats and counter measures for all employees of your organization.

For more information, contact us at info@espsecure.com